...Asociatia Tinerilor Ziaristi...

Who are we...?

The Association of Young Journalists is a nongovermmental, apolitical association, constituted within the law- conditions No.21/1924 for juridical persons (associations and foundation ).

The Association of Young Journalists is made up of its founding members, as well as the other members afterwards accepted, who joind the association`s statute.

The activity aims and units of the association:

  • the main goal consists in the realization of yuong journalists` pissibilities in associating and working on a legal background;

  • the facilitation of information exchange for its members and partners, based on a gathering and monitoring data-system ;

  • maintenance of relations with similar organizations from inside / outside Romania, with central/ local organizations for the co-operation in the field of young Romanian journalists;

    • consulting and assistance in developing abilities, training and perfecting, as well as consulting about the Human Rights and International Right ;

    • the organizing in participating at festivals, exhibitions, symposiums and debates in Romania or abroud ;

    • organizing in participating at training-courses abroud .